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Driving in the Faroe Islands and The Best Way to Travel (Car Rental, Bus or Hitchhiking)


We spent 7 perfect days travelling in the Faroe Islands by renting a car at Vagar Airport and driving around. The Faroe Islands are small and very easy to get around by either renting a car or taking public transport. This blog contains all the information that you need to know before visiting the stunning Faroe Islands. 

Gasadalur village on Vagar island

Renting a Car in Faroe Islands

Without a doubt, driving is the best option to explore the island. Car rental is relatively expensive in the Faroe Islands and expects to pay for the smallest car more than 500€ for a week. We rented a car for only 330€ for a week from a local Faroese company called Waag car rental (website). We found them the cheapest, maybe due to their location as they are not at the airport but only less than 5km from Vagar airport. We sent them an email to reserve a car and they guided us on how to get to their office by taking a bus from the Airport. The bus stops in front of their office and takes not more than 10 minutes from the Airport. 

Driving in Faroe islands is very easy due to light traffic and manageable distances. The only issue you might face is that the roads are relatively small especially to the remote villages and the dark tunnels but we didn't face any problem. It is highly recommended to rent a car and explore the islands at your own pace especially the remote places which are not easily reached with public transport.  

The islands of Streymoy, Vidoy and Bordoy have some of the best scenic drives in the world. The highest waterfall in Faroe Islands called Fossa is along the road 594 on the island of Streymoy. From the road, you have only half of the view and to get the best viewpoint, hike up on the path visible from the road to reach the upper section. It takes not more than 30 minutes from the road.   

Fossa Waterfall on the island of Streymoy
The upper section of Fossa Waterfall

One of my favourite drives in the Faroe Islands is on the island of Vidoy and Bordoy. We took the road 70 from Klaksvik and after crossing the two tunnels of Bordoy island entered the Vidoy island. The best way is to take the tunnel on the Vidoy island and drive towards the village of Vidareidi and make a loop around the island. The views of the surrounding mountains are out of this world especially after crossing the tunnel on Vidoy island and from the bridge connecting the islands of Bordoy and Vidoy. 

Driving on Vidoy Island towards Vidareidi village after the tunnel
Island of Bordoy seen from the bridge connecting Bordoy with Vidoy
The Island of Bordoy has some of the incredible mountains

It is recommended to drive all the way to the small village of Múli on the island of Bordoy. The village has small parking and a path leading to the edge of the island offering stunning vistas of the surrounding mountains.

The road towards the village of Muli on Bordoy island
The village of Múli has only a few farmhouses and a hiking trail
Hiking trail from Múli village on Bordoy Island

Faroe Islands by Bus

 The Faroe Islands have great public transport and almost every village is connected to neighbouring village and Torshavn. There is a 4 or 7-day Bus and Ferry pass costing 500 DKK and 700 DKK respectively. Check this website for further details. 

Hitchhiking Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands is probably one of the best places for Hitchhiking. During our holidays we gave a ride to a few hitchhikers and got to know their experience about it. We met two Italian guys who were travelling all around the Faroe Islands by only Hitchhiking, they told us it didn't take them more than 30 minutes to get a ride and they have been doing it for the previous two weeks. 

I myself hitchhiked twice, once from the main road in front of Vagar airport to the Mykines ferry terminal in Sorvagur and another time from the office of WAAG car rental in Sandvagur to the airport. Both times I got a ride within a few minutes by friendly locals. 


Renting a car and driving around the islands is the best option, but if you are travelling solo don't hesitate to try Hitchhiking. It is incredibly easy, safe and will save you a lot of money. One of the main advantages of Hitchhiking is to meet the friendly locals who are usually very hard to get in touch with. I myself would consider hitchhiking entirely on my next travel to the Faroe Islands. 

You can also combine hitchhiking with public transport by buying the 4 or 7-day bus and Ferry pass which will give you more options. 

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