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Why You Must Stay in Bedouin Camp While Travelling in Jordan


While I was planning my trip to Jordan, I had a number of places in my mind which I wanted to visit and I was looking forward to staying in Bedouin camp to experience the Bedouin lifestyle and culture. There are hundreds of Bedouin camps all around Jordan with excellent facilities for a comfortable stay. My plan was to visit Petra and after doing some research I decided to stay a couple of nights at the seven wonders Bedouin camp in Wadi Musa not far from Petra. 

The breathtaking Wadi Musa

Seven Wonders Bedouin Camp 

​I decided to stay in Wadi Musa due to its jaw-dropping landscape which literally looks like mars. Wadi Musa is only a few minutes of drive to Petra and very close to little Petra. Wadi Musa has a number of camps and we booked Seven Wonders Bedouin camp due to its location, decent reviews and it was only around 55€ for 2 person small camp. Everything was as we expected or even better for the amount we were paying. The beds were comfortable, hot showers, free internet, good breakfast and buffet dinner (not included in the price). 

Seven Wonders Bedouin Campsite at night

The best thing about the camp was to sit inside a cosy traditional tent known as beit shaar meet other travellers, drink tea and smoke a shisha. It was probably one of the best things about the camp as we met so many awesome people, shared stories and enjoyed the company of each other for a couple of nights while we stayed there. Even the locals with their limited English language skills were very friendly and helpful.

The traditional Beit Shaar Tent in Seven Wonders Bedouin Camp

The locals were very keen to pose for pictures.

A friendly local posing for picture

We visited in November and in the evening it was cold to sit outside around the campfire and enjoy the glow of lanterns on the rocks in the desert moonlight.

Lanterns glowing on the Desert Rocks

Should You Stay in Bedouin Camp?

I highly recommend staying at least a night or two in a Bedouin camp. We loved seven wonders and can highly recommend. Probably most of the Bedouin camps are similar so read a few reviews before booking a particular camp. 

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Tuesday, 27 February 2024

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