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How Long to Spend in Hvar? Is it Worth Visiting?


Hvar Town, is just a short ferry ride from Split and well connected with surrounding Islands and Dubrovnik, tucked in between islands of Korcula and Brac. To address the subject in question, it is perfect to visit for a day. Before coming to Croatia, we searched the web extensively to try to find two islands to spend one day each. In the end, we decided to visit Hvar & Brac for the iconic Zlatni Rat beach and we were really glad that we had decided to visit Hvar. It was one of the highlights of our trip to Croatia. One day is enough to see the town.  

The town is full of historic Venetian renaissance buildings, cobbled streets, amazing restaurants & famous for its great nightlife. 

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How to Go to Hvar 

Hvar is well connected to mainland and neighbouring islands. There are four ports in Hvar 

  • Stari Grad
  • Hvar Town
  • Jelsa
  • Sucuraj
Hvar Town, Stari Grad and Jelsa are connected to Split by ferry. For ferry timings and connections, check the website of Croatian ferries. 
There is also one daily ferry connection between Hvar Town and Bol (Brac), a perfect way to travel between both islands spending a day on each Island. This is exactly what we did, we arrived from Split, stayed one night in Hvar and the next day took the morning ferry from Hvar Town to Bol. 
Spanish Fort overlooking the Hvar town & port
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What to See in Hvar in One Day

1. Saint Stephen Cathedral & Plaza 

The ferry terminal is right in the Hvar town centre, only 5 minutes walk to the Saint Stephen Plaza with its beautiful Cathedral facing the plaza and port. The plaza is full of cafes, restaurants and is the centre of all the activities in town.  

Saint Stephen Cathedral and Plaza
Cafes & Restaurants along the Port & Plaza

2. Wander around Town  

The Hvar town is very small and can be easily walked in a couple of hours, the street in front of the plaza has some historic buildings and San Marco Church. The street is very lively with views over the Adriatic sea to the Pakleni islands. Ideally, from the plaza, you should walk towards the Spanish Fortress. 

Hvar Port is right next to main Plaza
Narrow streets with Restaurants in the old town
Beautiful small streets in the Old town

3. Hvar Spanish Fortress 

An easy and scenic walk from the main plaza (saint Stephen) takes around 30 minutes to walk all the way up through the old town to Spanish Fortress perched atop the hill overlooking Hvar Town and Pakleni Islands. As you leave the old town behind, the views open up. If you don't want to walk, you can also take a Taxi behind the Cathedral and the main plaza. 

Old town and Port, halfway through the hike to the Spanish fortress

The views from Spanish Fortress are absolutely worth going up. It costs 5€ to enter the Fortress, it's not really necessary to go inside and if you, like most of the visitors, are here for the views of the Hvar town then you don't really have to go inside, the views along the wall of the Fortress are as impressive as from inside the Fortress. The best time to go there is definitely Sunset.  

Hvar town and Pakleni Islands from Spanish Fortress
Best time to visit Spanish Fortress is Sunset
Hvar town on the way back from Spanish Fortress at Blue hour

4. Hvar at Night 

Hvar Town is famous for its party & night life,it has an impressive number of night clubs but if you are not into it, don't worry, just wander around the old town and you will absolutely love it. 

Hvar town main plaza at night
shops stay open late at the night
Hvar town offers alot of dining options
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Pro Tip:

Stay as close to the Plaza as possible, and also check the location of the hotel or Airbnb, even though it is easy to get around without luggage but definitely not easy to carry the luggage through the streets going up the hill. 

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