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Faroe Islands Camping Guide, Everything You Need to Know Before Camping


The Faroe Islands have a number of designated camping sites with great facilities. We spent 7 days in the Faroe Islands and camped every night. Before our trip to the Faroe Islands, we were very nervous as we couldn't find sufficient information about the camping sites and the facilities available at these sites. This blog will prepare you for everything you should know about camping on the Faroe Islands

Wild Camping

Wild Camping in the Faroe Islands is strictly forbidden. There are no public wilder­ness areas in the Faroes and the land is the private property, even the hiking paths are often closed by the owners and if they catch you, they get hostile and its better to avoid any confrontation. 


Here is a google map of the designated campsites in the Faroe islands. 

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During our 7 days trip to the Faroes, we camped every night and the camping we stayed at are

  • Camping Eid- Á Mølini Football Field
  • Camping Gjogv​
  • Camping Kalsoy​
  • Camping Mykines​
  • Á Giljanes Hostel & Campsite
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Faroe Islands tourist's map

Facilities at Camping sites

​The campsites on the Faroe Islands are some of the most beautiful campings in the world with excellent facilities. Every campsite provides clean showers, toilets and often a kitchen with basic utensils. Some of the campings provide free internet, washing machines and a lounge with facilities to charge the electronics and warm yourself up. I will share our experience of each campsite we stayed at

Camping Eid - Á Mølini Football Field

​Camping Eid was the first campsite we stayed in the Faroes and we absolutely loved it. The camping is at the side of a lake not far from the ocean and only 15-minute walk from the Eid village beside a football ground. The campers & caravans are parked on the football ground and if you prefer to pitch your tent here you can do that but we decided to pitch it next to the lake

Facilities available at Eid Campsite

  • Toilets & warm showers
  • Kitchen with basic cooking utensils
  • Washing machine & drying room
  • Lounge 
  • Electronics charging 
  • Free Wifi 

The camping fee is 100DKK per person. There is a form which you have to fill out and put it in the box near the lounge with 100 DKK fee.  Since the Islands are so small and we were driving around so we decided to stay here for 2 nights instead of moving to another campsite. ​

Camping Eid next to Á Mølini Football Field​
Perfect place for camping on Faroe Islands

Camping Kalsoy

The only campsite on Kalsoy Island near to the small village of Mikladur with views of the fjord. 

Facilities at Kalsoy campsite

  • Toilets & warm showers
  • Cabin to rent

This is a very basic campsite and costs 100 DKK per person. Rent of the cabin is 450 DKK for the whole cabin, it is big enough for a group of 4-5 people to easily fit in and has a kitchen and heating. The tourism office in Klaksvik issues the camping permit & keys for the cabin. 

Kalsoy Campsite: on the left side the green area is the campsite and on the right is the rental hut

Camping Mykines

​Mykines has only one campsite on a small hill looking over the village and cliffs. 

Facilities at Mykines campsite

  • Toilets & warm showers
  • Charging pots in the toilets

It is a free campsite but the showers are not free and you have to put in 10 DKK coins to take a shower. 
Breathtaking views from the Camping site on Mykines Island
Camping gas for Cooking is available on almost every supermarket

Á Giljanes Hostel & Campsite

It is one of the few hostels on Faroes & only campsite on Vagar island very close to the airport in Sandavágur. The campsite is next to a busy road with the constant noise of traffic, but it is not terrible as the traffic is very light during the night. 

Facilities at Á Giljanes Hostel & Campsite

  • Toilets & warm showers
  • Kitchen with basic cooking utensils
  • Common Area
  • Electronics charging 
  • Free Wifi

The camping fee along with all the facilities to use is 100 DKK. We stayed here on our last day on the islands, our tents barely survived the storm that struck the islands during the night. I could barely sleep due to the ferocious winds hitting the walls of my tent.      
Á Giljanes Hostel & Campsite​ on Vagar Island
The common area & dining room of the Á Giljanes Hostel & Campsite​
The kitchen of Á Giljanes Hostel & Campsite​
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