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Gasadalur & Múlafossur Waterfall Hiking Guide


There isn't a better way to see the iconic Mulafossur waterfall & the village of Gasadalur than hiking the centuries-old path which villagers used to take until the completion of the Tunnel in 2005 which links Gasadalur to the rest of the Faroes. The hike itself is easy and the path is well trodden with views of the spiky island of Tindhólmur, villages of Bour and Gasadalur. 

The trail itself is around 4km and takes less than 2 hours to complete. The parking of the trail is before the tunnel, around 8km from Vagar airport, on the left side from the road, a small path leads to the parking. Follow the below google map for the location of the parking and trail. 

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Hike to Gasadalur - Our Experience 

We had an early morning flight from Copenhagen to the Faroe Islands so after landing, we drove directly from the airport towards Gasadalur but we didn't see the small path that goes to the start of the trail, drove past it and entered the tunnel. We turned back and this time drove slowly to not to miss it again and arrived at the parking. Weather was perfect, mixed clouds and sunshine but no rain. At the start, the path goes on the side of the mountain but instead of following the path we decided to climb higher up the mountain to try to reach the top of the mountain. As we climbed higher, the views got better and better and from here we saw a beautiful waterfall not far from the parking, which we didn't see earlier.

Parking for Gasadalur hike on the left side can be seen in the picture
Beautiful peaks of Vagar island
Views over to Vagar Airport from Gasadalur hike

From the top, there was no path that could lead us to Gasadalur, so we decided to go down and find a good viewpoint of the waterfall before we could continue on the original hiking path to Gasadalur. I searched on the internet but couldn't find any name of the waterfall, it is hidden from the main road and only visible from the trail. We struggled to find a good spot to take pictures of the waterfall. 

Beautiful no name hidden waterfall from the parking of the trek

From the original path, there are perfect views on the Tindhólmur, Gáshólmur and Drangarnir, the 3 tiny Islands separated from Vagar. 

Drangarnir & Tindhólmur islands
Close-up of the spiky Tindhólmur from the trail

The trail goes on the side of the mountain slowly gaining elevation and reaching the top. From the top, it loses elevation quickly by going down in zig-zag hairpin bends before joining the main road after the Tunnel. 

The flat part of the trail along the main road after the Tunnel

The viewpoint of the Mulafossur waterfall is visible from the road and it takes only a few minutes to get there. 

The iconic Mulafossur Waterfalls from Gasadalur viewpoint

From the viewpoint, it is possible to go down to the ocean taking some broken and slippery stairs to get a different view of the waterfall but it is dangerous and we skipped it, instead, we decided to walk around Gasadalur village by taking a well-marked pathway, which takes less than 30minutes to complete from Mulafossur viewpoint. 

The trail goes around Gasadalur village
Tindhólmur from Gasadalur village
Time to take some Instagram pictures from the cliffs near Gasadalur
The small village of Gasadalur
The path joins the Gasadalur main road and the tunnel is visible in this picture

After completing the loop around Gasadalur, we didn't want to hike back to the parking on the same route and decided to try our luck to hitchhike back to our car and we were extremely lucky within five minutes a local pulled over and gave us ride to the trailhead.  

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Pro Tip

​I would highly recommend doing this hike and if you arrive early at Vagar airport you can drive directly from the airport to do the hike. Hitchhiking on the Faroe Islands is very common so don't be afraid to try your luck. We gave a ride to many tourists along the way.  

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Where to Stay 

We camped at the Á Giljanes Hostel & Campsite, the only hostel on Vagar with a camping ground next to the main road. It is a good place to camp and has kitchen, toillets, showers, free Wifi & costs 100DKK per person. 

Á Giljanes Hostel & Campsite on Vagar, Faroe Islands
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