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10 Days Norway Itinerary - Perfect Road Trip


Norway, what can I say about this ridiculously beautiful country. First time I visited in 2011 and ever since I have visited regularly in summer and winter, it is by far my favourite country in the entire world. The land of the midnight sun, northern lights, glaciers, fjords and friendly people. 

This 10 days itinerary will take you to the best places in Norway. Due to limited time, expect every day full of action and driving around to get to the places. If you have more days then you can slow down a little or add more places to this itinerary. 

This itinerary is designed as a road trip so you will need to hire a car to reach all of these places. Driving in Norway is like in most of the European countries and in summer, days are long and daylight remains usually till approx. 11 pm, which is perfect to drive around. 

Wild camping in Norway is allowed which gives you more options to camp along the way. The designated campsites do provide excellent facilities and almost every campsite has huts to rent.   

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Day 1: Arriving in Stavanger and drive to Lysebotn 

Day 2: Hike Kjeragbolten and drive towards Preikestolen

Day 3: Hike Preikestolen and drive to Odda

Day 4: Hike Trolltunga and drive to Eidfjord

Day 5: Voringfossen, Eidfjord and Naeroyfjord

Day 6: Flam valley and drive to Geiranger fjord

Day 7: Geiranger fjord

Day 8: Trollstigen and Alesund

Day 9: Atlantic Ocean Road

Day 10: Trondheim and fly back



Day 1: Arriving in Stavanger and drive to Lysebotn

Stavanger is less than an hour flight from Oslo and the fastest way to get here. From Stavanger airport, there are two ways to get to Lysebotn, one is by taking the vehicle ferry from Forsand and crossing the incredible Lysefjord, in this case, you will have to drive only 1½ hour to Forsand. 

The second route which is very scenic and highly recommended is by driving on route 45, it takes around 2½ hours but its absolutely worth driving and take some stops along the way. Depending on where you are flying from, you might be tired then it is not advised to drive. 

Drive to Lysebotn is one of the most beautiful drives in Norway

Day 2: Kjeragbolten Hike and Drive to Preikestolen

Are you ready for one of the iconic hike in Norway? The hike to Kjeragbolten takes around 6 hours or more if you want to explore the area beyond Kjeragbolten. After the hike, drive back to Lysebotn and take the ferry over Lysefjord, sit back relax and enjoy the stunning views all around. 

There are many options for accommodation in the area. Try to find something close to the starting point of the hike to Preikestolen or stay at the Preikestolen camping, which has excellent facilities. We camped at the Preikestolen Camping. 

Are you afraid of heights? Do you dare to stand on Kjeragbolten?

Day 3: Preikestolen Hike and Drive to Odda

​One of the relatively easier hikes with incredible views over Lysefjord. Due to its location and difficulty level, it is very crowded but shouldn't be missed. It takes around 5 hours to complete the hike, after the hike, drive in direction of Odda. The drive between Odda & Preikestolen is long around 4 hours so you can decide how far you want to drive today. We drove all the way to Odda and had few stops along the way. The incredible Låtefossen Waterfall is along the way and passes under the road through a bridge. 

Preikestolen or Pulpit rock with incredible views over Lysefjord
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Day 4: Trolltunga Hike

Before 2010 only 1000 people would go for hiking here in a season but now the number has grown to over 80,000 people in the season. The popularity of this place due to social media has attracted thousands of people, and is now considered a national icon of Norway. The hike takes around 10-12 hours to complete, after the hike, drive approx. about an hour to reach Eidfjord. We stayed at Kjærtveit Camping AS, the location of this place is just next to the fjord and we absolutely loved this place. It has huts to rent out as well. 

The iconic Trolltunga, over 80,000 people hike in less than 3 months during summer

Day 5: Vøringfossen​, Eidfjord & Nærøyfjord 

Well, today finally a relaxing day without any big hike. Drive to iconic Vøringfossen, one of the most popular natural site in Norway, after that drive towards Nærøyfjord, recognised as UNESCO WORLD Heritage site and continue towards Flam in Aurlandsfjord . We stayed in Flam at Lunde Camping.

Eidfjord one of the most beautiful fjord

Day 6: Flåm and Drive to Geiranger fjord

First thing in the morning take the incredible Flåmsbana train to Myrdal. It is one of the most scenic train ride in the world with incredible panoramic views of mountains and countless waterfalls. The train takes a brief stop at Kjosfossen, one of the biggest waterfalls in the region for visitors to get close to the waterfall and take pictures. Trains between Oslo & Bergen stop at Myrdal train station. After the train ride, start driving towards Geiranger, it is a long drive around 5 hours from Flåm. If you have time take a brief stop at Borgund stave church.

countless waterfalls in Flam valley can be seen from the scenic train (Flambanen) ride

Day 7: Explore Geiranger

Geiranger, the most beautiful fjord in Norway and UNESCO world heritage site. Today take your time and explore this incredible fjord. Rent the kayaks and get close to Seven Sisters Waterfall, or take the hike to the viewpoint of the waterfall. 

Drive to the different viewpoints for incredible views of the fjord. During the daytime due to cruise ships, the fjord is crowded with tourists so it's better to do some activities outside of the town. 

Geiranger, the most beautiful fjord in Norway

Day 8: Trollstigen and Alesund 

Start driving towards Alesund and after the ferry between Eidsdal & Linge, turn right towards Trollstigen instead of Alesund. This steep hairpin bending road is breathtaking, there are three viewpoints only a short walk from the parking. If you want then you can continue driving the same road which is a bit longer or turn back and take the original shorter route to Alesund. You will arrive in Alesund in the afternoon and you will have enough time to explore the small city centre of Alesund. Don't forget to go to Aksla viewpoint which has an incredible view of the city. 

Alesund is absolutely beautiful and shouldn't be missed

Day 9: Drive on Atlantic Ocean Road to Trondheim 

Atlantic ocean road is a national tourist route which is 8.3km connecting small islands with incredible bridges and has grown into one of the main tourist attraction. It is toll-free since 1999 and considered the world's best road trip due to amazing views all around. In bad weather, the waves crash across the road, but its rare especially in summer. There are many parking spots along the road with incredible views to take pictures. From here, drive to Trondheim is around 3½ hours. 

Atlantic ocean road drive is considered the best road drive in the world

Day 10: Trondheim 

​Explore the old town of Trondheim, its colourful houses and 11th century Gothic Nidaros Cathedral and fly back. 

Typical colourful houses in Trondheim Norway
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Travel Advice 

Driving in Norway is absolutely safe like in many other European countries so don't hesitate to rent a car to drive around. The above 10 days itinerary can be extended to 12 days itinerary by starting and ending in Oslo. The drive from Oslo to Lysebotn is more than 7 hours and from Trondheim to Oslo takes similar time. The rental car is usually cheap when the pick-up and drop-off location is the same.    

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