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How to Spend One Perfect Day on the Stunning Senja Island in Northern Norway


The Island of Senja is located between Tromso and Lofoten. The nature of Senja is unparalleled and as beautiful as its more touristy neighbouring Lofoten islands. Over the years, I have visited Norway extensively and Senja is one of my favourite places in Norway, maybe due to the fact that I had seen here the most intense display of Northern Lights. Most of the tourists travelling between Tromso and Lofoten visit Senja for a day or two by driving around the island. It is absolutely worth visiting the island and one of its main attraction is hiking the iconic Segla mountain which is one of the most popular hikes in Norway. 

Senja has a lot to offer to its visitors and you could easily spend a week exploring the island. We spent two full days on the island and in this blog I will write everything that you could possibly see in a day or two. 


Things to Do in Senja Norway:


1. Sunrise at Devil's Jaw Point

Even though the whole island of Senja is spectacular and has a number of great photography locations but I would highly recommend to start your day at the Devil's Jaw point (marked on the above google map for exact location) and admire the stunning mountain scenery. I would recommend being there at least 30 minutes before the sunrise. I visited during the month of March and the sunrise was spectacular. It is a popular photography spot at sunrise and you will find some other photographers there. 

Perfect Sunrise at Devil's Jaw Point

2. Senja Hiking Trails

The island is blessed with incredible nature and there are countless hiking trails all over the island. The most popular hike is to climb its iconic Segla mountain which is quite strenuous but the jaw-dropping vistas mountain scenery from the top is worth climbing. But the neighbouring peak of Hesten offers even better views and it is an easy hike compared to Segla. I have written a whole blog about it follow the below link

Wild Camping at Segla Mountain

3. Senja Island Northern Lights 

I have been very lucky to see the Northern Lights (Arora Borealis) on different locations in Norway (Tromso, Alta, Senja and Lofoten) and among all Senja is my favourite place. The northern lights I have seen in Senja was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. The island has a number of great locations with no artificial light and my favourite place is either at the Devil's Jaw point or at the top of Hesten peak overlooking Segla. The easiest option would be to go to Devil's Jaw point, park your car and wait for the Northern lights to appear.   

Northern Light at Devil's Jaw Point

For the brave souls, you can hike Hesten peak which is only an hour hike from the village of Fjordgard or you can stay the night at the top by camping as we did. Be prepared for extremely cold weather and never underestimate the cold inside the Arctic circle.  

Northern Lights Over the Iconic Segla Mountain

Where to Stay in Senja:

We stayed the first night in the village of Fjordgard by renting an apartment which was a perfect location and very close to all the places we wanted to visit. Another great option is to camp either at Devil's Jaw point especially during the summer season. It is completely legal to do wild camping in Senja. 

Wild Camping at Devil's Jaw Point
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